O’CONNELL. Minimalist Shopfront This project involves the transformation of a slim, long commercial space into distinct functional zones, including a reception area, meeting room, showroom, bathroom, and kitchenette, all within a tight space. By avoiding the use of walls, the design creates an open and inviting atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from Asian minimalist aesthetics, the interior …

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Grant. Where Timeless Heritage Meets Modern Flair A captivating renovation of a double-storey period home, where the charm of the past meets modern sophistication. We preserve the exquisite period details while infusing contemporary elements for a fresh and timeless appeal. Embracing a light-filled family function that exudes a boutique look, creating a home bursting with …

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Milfay. Modern Marvel & Retro Flair Discover the transformational journey of a whole home renovation that seamlessly merges modern and contemporary design with nostalgic retro inspirations. This remarkable project was designed to revitalize the interior spaces while preserving the original simplicity of the exterior. Read More Our vision for this renovation was to maximize the …

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Hartington. Outdoor Living The client’s vision encompassed the addition of a swimming pool pergola and carport, seamlessly integrated with the existing heritage facade while serving essential functions. Despite budget constraints and a tight timeframe, we meticulously implemented modular designs, strategically chosen to harmonize architectural integrity with modern functionality. The carport, selected for its practicality and …

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