Where Timeless Heritage Meets Modern Flair

A captivating renovation of a double-storey period home, where the charm of the past meets modern sophistication. We preserve the exquisite period details while infusing contemporary elements for a fresh and timeless appeal. Embracing a light-filled family function that exudes a boutique look, creating a home bursting with personality.


Honoring its rich heritage while adding a modern touch, the intrinsic period details are carefully preserved, showcasing the craftsmanship of yesteryears. Combining the old and new, contemporary elements breathe new life into the home, creating a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. Natural light floods the interiors, highlighting a family-centric design that seamlessly combines functionality and style. The result is a home that bursts with personality, offering a boutique look that is both inviting and captivating. Discover a renewed space that preserves the essence of its past while embracing the needs of today’s lifestyle.

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